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When 'love' comes home...

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About Me...

Bred for Connection...

Sharing the Love...

Hi, my name is Bridget

I am both experienced and educated, having 25+ years breeding Golden Retrievers. Having attending both national and international conferences for best practices in animal welfare and breeding standards.

In my career, I have 15+ years working as Professional Counsellor. Offering emotional & therapeutic supports and to this day, my beloved GOLDIES play beautiful roles in the areas of animal assisted services.

I was gifted my first Golden Retriever at 13 years of age as a ‘coming of age’ celebration.​ Over 25 years later, I have continued to learn and develop my expertise and experience as a Professional Breeder.


I continue to improve my learning by attending breeding and training conferences that equate me to one of Australia's leading breeding programs.

Wakatabu puppies are not only bred well, but raised to be healthy, happy, and well-adjusted puppies.

‘Wakatabu’- drawn to love…
A small select kennel located in Hobart’s Eastern shore.

'nanililypata country'

Sieva- ‘The Wonder Dog’ was our first GOLDIE I bred from when the kennel was established in 1989.

I have bred beautiful family dogs as well as counselling- complimentary therapy dogs.

We breed both creams and golds and only breed from exceptional lines.
These are lovable, well-mannered, intelligent dogs with a great charm.


They are easily trained, and with the right start in life at Wakatabu, they will be prepared and matched to their forever home. 

You can expect to enjoy the many blessings come from raising such a beautiful dog.

I have taken particular care in preparing your puppy for re- homing. From neo- natal around the clock care through to a gradual increase of "tolerance training,"


Puppies are raised with careful attention to their canine needs. Including optimal health care, intentional handling that includes purposeful times of exploration, and an introduction to training that aligns to their developmental benchmarks.

Between the ages 6- 8 weeks, pups have all experienced varying degrees of separation from the litter. They have had car rides, shop visits and are included in my therapeutic work with clients.


As well as visits to aged care and disability services- Always a huge highlight and greatly adored by everyone.

The Wombles....

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What is a Registered Breeder?

Responsible, registered breeders make conscientious decisions when deciding to produce a litter. This requires a lot of planning, skill and experience and carefully considering the heritable health conditions of their breed, each individual dog’s health testing, and considering the parents’ temperaments, overall health, pedigrees, and conformation in order to make the best matches.

There are breed-specific health tests that registered breeders perform to screen for any conditions of concern (e.g., hip and elbow dysplasia, heart conditions, and eye diseases) in order to decrease the likelihood of producing puppies with heritable conditions. 

Responsible, registered breeders ensure that their breeding dogs’ emotional, and cognitive needs are met by ensuring they receive appropriate stimulation, activity and social interaction. They are also devoted to producing behaviourally sound puppies.

Responsible breeders often have experience with training and behaviour, and put a lot of effort into ensuring their puppies have safe and stimulating early life experiences. By exposing their puppies to different sounds and sensations, people of many different appearances and ages, as well as other animals, and beginning basic training using methods such as positive training they prepare their puppies for successful transitions into their new homes. 

Do you breed emotional support dogs?

Yes! More and more, people are facing increased life pressures which result in experiences of loneliness, depression, anxiety, or other emotionally supportive needs. All our pups  are aptitude and temperament tested and raised on a certified developmental curriculum. For those owners planning to have their pup as an emotional support dog to offer comfort and connection, we will hand select pups and set them up on the path for their next chapter. Further training can be discussed.

Do you sell puppies interstate?

Yes! We have flown puppies across all corners of the nation. Puppies will be vet passed with a 'fit to fly certificate'.

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

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